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Messiah Chorus Selections for 2017:

     And the Glory of the Lord        For Unto Us a Child is Born             Behold the Lamb of God        Glory to God
Since By Man Came Death      Surely, He Hath Borne our Griefs      Worthy is the Lamb: Amen      Hallelujah
     Oh Thou That Tellest Good Tiding to Zion

SOPRANO Practice Recordings:

  •   04 And the Glory of the Lord-soprano.
  •   09 O thou that tellest good tidings to Zion-soprano.
  •   12 For unto us a child is born-soprano.
  •   17 Glory to God in the highest-soprano.
  •   22 Behold the Lambof God-soprano.
  •   24 Surley he hath borne our griefs-soprano.
  •   44 Hallelujah-soprano.
  •   46 Since by man came death-soprano.
  •   53 Worthy is the lamb-soprano.
  •   Messiah 2017 selections-soprano.